Private Lessons

Private tuition is highly effective way to help you develop your dancing. Private lessons can be tailored precisely to your needs, whether it’s to kick-start your ability or to work on a particular challenge or skill. Private lessons can either be taken one-to-one or with a partner and can greatly impact your learning in a short space of time. 

Private Lessons at SwingOut Manchester are taken with our instructor Matthew Lane. Matt is equipped with with multiple years of experience teaching swing dance and has taught both around UK and abroad. 

If you’re interested in taking some private lessons, read through all the information below about how to book and what to expect. 

How do I book a private lesson?

Private Lesson are organised directly with the instructor, there is no set time that they must take place. Together, you and the instructor will find the frequency and time that will best enable you to reach your goals. If you want to book a private lesson, you should complete the contact form at the bottom of the page and the instructor will get in contact with you. We advise allowing approximately 3 working daysto hear a response. 

How much does it cost?

Working with an instructor privately does cost more than attending one of our weekly group classes. The cost is made up of a flat charge for the instructor’s time, and the studio hire for your lesson to take place in. 

What will we work on? 

The content of your private lesson will depend on your reason for taking one. Frequently, more experienced dancers will have specific reasons for wanting to seek private tuition. Equally though, some dancers prefer to start learning in a private setting or wish to purchase a lesson as a gift for someone else. Private lessons can start at the first steps of dancing and range through experience levels to meet the needs of the dancer. 

What others thought

“Can’t recommend private lessons with Matt enough! Completely bespoke – each class was specifically tailored around me and how I dance. He took so much time to work out what I needed to concentrate on, wrote everything down and sent me away with exercises so I could keep working on things outside of our lessons. Amazing value for money! He always went the extra mile to make sure we covered as much as possible, never rushed things, made sure I understood everything and I just knew he was genuinely invested in helping me take my dancing to the next level”.


“Matt’s private classes are a very fast way to take your skills to the next level. His tuition is very clear, concise, thoughtful and always fun!


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