Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Partner? 

No. you do not need to come with a partner. In all of our classes we rotate partners frequently, so you will have the opportunity to meet and dance with lots of people.

That shouldn’t stop you from bringing your friends though – the more the merrier!

What role should I do? 

There are two roles in the partnered dances that we teach. You can choose to either be a leader or a follower.

You can choose whichever role you prefer. Some dancers can dance both roles, some dancers prefer to stick to one role. Some dancers learn one role before learning the other, and some prefer to frequently switch and leanrrn both simulatneously. It’s entirely your preference. If you’re not sure, we’d encourage trying both and see how you want to go forwards. 

What should I wear to class? 

For weekly classes most people will come in everyday clothes or straight from work. 

Our piece of advice would be that you want to be comfortable. It is common for dancers to get warm during classes so you may wish to bring a change of top with you. 

There is no specific dress code for classes. 

LiveWell Studio

Our Thursday Night Class Venue

Northern Quarter Car Park

Port Street Car Park

Market Street Tram Stop

Picadilly Gardens Bus/Tram

How can I get to classes?

Our Thursday night classes are held at the LiveWell Project Studio which is situated in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

There are handful of car parks near to the studio. The closest are:

Northern Quarter Car Park
Church Street
M1 1LX

NCP Port Street
Port Street
M1 2EG

The LiveWell Project Studio is also a short walk from Manchester Picadilly Station and Market Street Metrolink Stop as well as several bus routes into Picadilly Gardens.

What about my footwear? 

Avoid shoes with large amounts of tread on the soles. This will make it more difficult to move comfortably when dancing and could hurt your knees if your are twisting or turning.

For best results, we recommend flat shoes with a smooth sole, leather or suede is a popular choice. Wedged shoes are generally fine as are a low heel provided the heel is sturdy. We strongly advise against stiletto heels.

Your safety and comfort is our primary concern. 

What Level should I do?

Our weekly classes are split into two levels. These are levels 1 and 2.

Level 1 (20:10 – 21:00)
Perfect for you if you are new to the dance or in the early-stages of learning. You will learn fundamental footwork and techniques as well as core moves that will help get you confident on the dancefloor. All of our level 1 classes are designed to be fun and suitable for first-time dancers.

Level 2 (19:10 – 20:00)
Perfect if you feel you have a good foundation of skill and confidence in dancing and wish to take on more challenging material and be pushed. There is no test to see if you’re ready to progress to level 2, it is an open class. Instead, our instructors will make clear what you skills or knowledge you might need if you are to get the best experience out of the class.

If you’re wondering whether to take on a level 2 class but aren’t sure, chat to one of our instructors.

What if I miss a class? 

We understand it’s not always possible to attend class every week. For this reason, all of our level 1 classes are designed to be accessible to first-time dancers. We will, from time to time, have a block of classes on a similar theme and you will benefit the most from attending all the classes. However, you’ll still be able to drop in and out at your leisure. So, if you miss a class, that’s alright, please come back when you can and we look forward to seeing you then. 

Similarly, our level 2 classes are designed so they can be accessible as stand-alone classes but will regularly have themes that span multiple weeks.

All of our classes are structure around a longer term development plan for your dancing so you will feel more benefit by attending regulalry. 

Can I just come for free dancing time? 

Our Thursday night classes finish with 30 minutes of free dancing time where you can practice what you’ve learned or just have a dance with someone. Entry to this portion of the evening is free. 

The best way to build you dancing ability and confidence is through practice. Frequently, this takes the form of social dancing where music will be playing and you are free to ask others to dance. 

You can use this time to dance, practice what you’ve learned, ask the instructors questions, or just chat with other dancers in the space.

Frequently, after the evening has finished, dancers will go for a drink at a local bar or pub. You are always welcome to join and we actively encourage you to do so.

Got a question?

If there is more you would like to know or have a question not answered by the FAQ then get in touch. Please fill out the contact form opposite and submit a question to us. We will get in touch with an answer to your question as soon as possible.

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