Jessica Smith

Jess is new to the SwingOut Manchester Team! A dancer for a couple of years, Jess is passionate about the development of the Manchester Swing Dance scene and is a fabulous example of the friendly and welcoming nature of Swing Dance!

We asked all of our team some questions about their Swing Dancing lives so far. Here is what Jessica had to say:

How did you first experience Swing Dance? 

Through a friend from my undergraduate degree, Katy Coope. She raves about Swing Dancing, and convinced me I should try it. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude!

What positive benefits has Swing Dancing brought to your life?

I love learning to dance, and the dance scene in Manchester has also brought me many many new friends with similar interests. Not only do we dance but we also get together and drink gin and play board games. 

What is your go-to dancing outfit and why do you love it?

I think it’s any other outfit that includes my silver sequinned dance shoes. They’re shiny and ridiculous, and have received a great deal of admiration at dance events.

What’s your social dance power move?

I’m doing my best to improve my swivels, and I like to add in extra hops wherever possible.

How do you deal with “mistakes” in your dancing?

Mostly with laughter, and an unnecessary number of apologies.

Which Dance Event is a “must” in your Swing Calendar?

Mersey Swing’s Smackdown was my first ever Swing Dance event, so I’m very fond of it, and I’m excited for Swing Revolution in Leeds this year.

What motivates you to build the Swing Dance Scene in Manchester?

Swing Dance made moving to a new city so much easier for me. It has given me so much joy, and i’d really like to help to pass that on to new dancers! 

If you had to sum up Swing Dancing in one sentence, what would it be?

Swing Dancing provides happiness, exercise, laughter, friendship, and a world of wonderful music.

Think of the best dance you’ve had? What made it so special?

Some of my favourite dances are with friends I have danced with  many times before. We communicate well, and have built up trust, and I can almost always follow what they lead. However, some of my favourite dances have also been first dances, as it’s always  joy to find that you can communicate well with someone new.

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